Wow, I have a blog!

First post is a simple tasty chain…. Fuddruckers. Saturday, we met with the other half’s family to celebrate his brother’s birthday.

If you have not been to Fuddruckers and you enjoy burgers you should probably check it out. You are not just limited to beef; they have elk, bison and turkey. They have a “salad” bar where you can add more fixings such as lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and so on.

I went with the Bourban Burger (or something like that). It’s a beef patty with their special bourban sauce, fried onions, bacon and blue cheese; plus, I added some other fixins. It was quite juicy. One of those don’t bother sitting back down, better keep a hold of, need more napkins kind of burger (personally… the good kind).

He went with his typical MAN burger… burger, bacon, cheese and some different sauces on the side for dipping. (I don’t know who dips their burgers?)

Later that evening (well probably more like Sunday morning) over a few several beverages, is where this idea was born! Happy eating folks!


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