DCity Smokehouse


Sunday (3/15/15), we made our way into DC to a small little place off Florida Ave… DCity Smokehouse ! Wow, is all I have to say.

On our way there, the effects of the alcohol were still lingering and my stomach wasn’t saying BBQ. But, he kept driving anyway (thankfully, because backing out of this lunch option would have been a huge mistake). I am usually more of a pulled porker, but I had my taste buds lined up for something else. (The night before he had the weekender out with some dining options and I believe I aggressively pointed at the photo of the sandwich and said “I need that!”.
And it was that sandwich I would have (what a good guy, giving me things I desire)!

The champ brisket (top photo- not a great shot)… you would be a fool to pass up this place or sandwich on your travels through DC. The brisket was melt in your mouth tender with lustful smokey color. It’s not one of those saucey sandwiches… bbq sauce would probably ruin it. That rubbed down hunk of meat was perfect just as is between those 2 slices of bread with some homemade pickles and onion straws. Your mouth may feel things, that it has not before.

He had another form of the brisket (photo on bottom). Which was also oh so tasty, but mine was better!

Seriously go get some brisket!


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