Lima’s Chicken


We finally hit up a new “must eat again” close to my home Thursday  (3/26/2015)! We always end up at locations near him, that I can’t go back to. He enjoys his secret tantalizing meals at those locations (though he usually ends up telling me anyway). Now, it’s time for my smokey rotisserie revenge! (Insert evil laugh)

Lima’s Chicken – Pollos a la Brasa (Bowie, MD) was my first Peruvian experience and certainly will not be the last. We walked in the door to a heavenly smokey eating area/kitchen. For about the same price as 2 meals at McDonald’s, you can get 2 housemade meals that won’t consist of the whole days calorie count.

We both had a 1/4 white meat chicken with 2 sides. His sides – white rice topped with black beans and fried yuca. Mine – potatoes (recommended from the dude ahead of us in line) and arroz chaufa (fried rice). Normally I wouldn’t do 2 starches, but the potato recommendation swayed me from the veggie. (I have no regrets).



The chicken was very juicy and had a lovely texture on the inside with a crispy thin skin on the ouside. The flavors were wonderful, it was done perfectly. The lady with the spoon dishing out sides behind the counter, packed the wells tight. So much, that they were spilling over into each other. (Sometimes, don’t judge a restaurant by its presentation.) We left there happy and satisfied for under $20. ($14.50 for food and $3.98 for non fountain sodas, plus tax)



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