Ricky’s Rice Bowl

Traveling for work in Fredericksburg, VA without him and trying to get caught up on good food posts from last weekend. Side blurb… checking out a cute spot in downtown Fredericksburg, VA on Caroline Street (Foode). Farm to table and menu changes monthly. I was slightly disappointed in my meal, seemed like everyone else around me was very pleased though.

Anyway, Friday night, after a lateish night at work… I arrived to his home hungry… very hungry. We decided to get our best bang for our buck at Ricky’s Rice Bowl in Gaithersburg, MD. This is a quick in and out Japanese restaurant with a specific menu. Chicken or steak dishes in different sauces with rice or noodles is the general theme.

I went with the steak fried rice in teriyaki. He went with the steak in seoul.


I am sure you can guess which was his… We went with the large bowls in preparation for some leftovers. And leftovers we had! Served in to-go containers, made leftovers easy. Our $23 meal was pretty basic. I wouldn’t say it was an outstanding dish, but had different flavor. My veggies were done to my liking with some crunch left and it was not heavy on the sauce. Overall, it was a decent locale, that will fill your belly at a very reasonable price.


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