Ray’s Hell Burger

If you’re a strong valued vegetarian, you should probably stop reading this before it gets too graphic…

Last Saturday we made a trip to Ray’s Hell Burger, now known as Ray’s To the Third (since it has now relocated for the 3rd time). You can find this fine establishment in Clarendon, VA on Wilson Blvd.

They have a menu of prefixed specialty burgers or you can build your own masterpiece like I conquered… he built his own too.

I started with a grilled little devil… medium. Topped it with smoked mozzarella cheese, carmalized onions, roasted red peppers, cognac and sherry mushrooms, avocado, bacon and of course rays sauce. Also, went with a side of the most perfect sweet potato fries I have had!



He had his usual burger fixin’s… bacon and cheese with a side of tots.


It was a damn good burger. The patty was juicy and done to perfection. There is a lot of hype on this place and participates in the burger challenge (DC’s best burger) every year. I expected to be wowed. While it was delicious and juicy in all the right places, it didn’t give me the wow face. For me, that may be chewing slowly with my eyes closed hmmming (you’ll have to ask around for that, I am not totally sure what I look like). It was very good and the price was right, but I can’t say the best burger I have ever had. The journey continues…



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