We headed to spend Easter weekend with my family and friends. It’s fun exposing him to the limitations of my childhood and helping explain why I am the way I am… sometimes.

We headed to the local hotspot… and I mean flaming hot. If you live in the coal cracker region of PA, you have probably been here at least once, but more likely at least once a month on average. (Even though it is not your typical find in a closed minded society with limited eating options) Mirakuya is the place and hibachi is the taste. The entertaining dining environment has easily become the most popular.

We met up with my wonderful high school friend and her other half for some much needed catching up. Now, when I hear coal miners, sushi isn’t exactly what comes to mind. After all, I don’t know of many fish species living in mines. But, they have pretty decent sushi. Not top of the line as in high end, but “cheap” sushi that tastes good and doesn’t get you sick. It’s actually good, better than you are probably thinking. They have good size rolls and the fish seems fresh.

Her meal

Spicy scallop and a summer roll for me. Oh so tasty! Again, the best thing about being with a carnivore is that I get all of his vegetables plus his soup and salad… score! Oh and the shrimp!! (I planned it perfectly, didn’t have to miss out on the soup) He had the chicken and steak hibachi with rice… pictured below looking all lifeless and brown. (Kind of like how the Pocono Mountains looks now, while they await hints of spring)

His meal

Prices are reasonable and the menu has options. We spent about $60 for dinner and my peach margarita!

Check out a place where the locals go without the local feel (sort of).


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