Easter Sunday

Though this is not a restaurant and a place we have eaten before, it deserves a post.

I packed him in my car with his suitcase and tools to head to Northeast PA (NEPA) for the weeekend as you read in Mirakuya. We spent the weekend visiting with my family, which for most people can be overwhelming (especially my family). We are a close group that does everything as one unit. If you are getting one, you are probably getting all. Also, with my family comes food… lots and lots of food. Typically, it is enough to feed and army plus leftovers for me to survive off for the next week. But this doesn’t always come free… With his electrical license and grand knowledge of power, he was put to work at my dad’s house (now regretting not having photos of him working away with my dad looking over his shoulder, oh well, I am sure there will be a next time).

Anyway, back to the main subject.. food. We had Easter dinner (lunch) at my sister’s house. As per usual, another fine meal provided by my sister, uncle, mom and sister’s mother-in-law. We had so many different options to please the taste buds of all. Even the one’s that boycott veggies… I wanted to take more photos of the spread, but got too involved in the eating… I simply forgot. However, I did manage to score this fabulous photo.

Carving the ham
Carving the ham

He asked if we needed help and my sister asked what he knew about cutting ham… With a little help from the man of the house (my brother-in-law), he did a beautiful job slicing. He didn’t even slap our hands away when we went in to pick.

When our bellies were full from the main course and desserts, we continued our visit and watched HGTV (beach home bargains) still muted from the earlier Penguins vs Flyers hockey game that was playing while we were eating. Eventually, we got packed up with dirty clothes, Easter flowers, candy, homemade baskets and leftovers to head home (where it actually was looking like spring).

Stay tuned for the next family visit where there will be more good food, family/friends and a fan that needs installing!


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