Washington City Paper – Best of DC

Disclaimer: I had higher expectations for this post in the photo department and go to restaurant suggestions. And sorry for the lengthy babble.

VIP tickets sold for about $100 allowing the rich people to go in an hour early and start gobbling up the food. Us regular people ($65), went in at 7:00 (after standing in line around the block). With my stomach growling, I finally got in the first tent. I was in the search of something. Beer was the first thing I came to (not a good one either), next was another keg (better choice). With beer in hand, I stepped into Carnegie Library on a mission. A mission to eat… and find him (he got there before me… I was late for once). As soon as you stepped inside, it was as if someone hit you in the face with a plate of food. The fragrant was mouth watering.

There were so many tables of restaurants and an overwhelming amount of people. It was hot and people where in every direction. To be honest, I felt the organization of the event could have been done better. But anyway, everything I found to shove in my mouth was exquisite (except for the overly spicy hot corn dog thing). Seafood was the ingredient of choice (scallops, calimari, mussels, clams, crab cakes), but he was also able to find things to his liking in the BBQ department. Below are photos that I took the time to get… I even spilled a drink trying to carry my phone (for you and myself), food and drink. It was at that point, I felt I wanted to enjoy my self for me and not for this post. It was an overwhelming event and you had to move fast and we still didn’t get to have everything. Unfortunately, many of restaurants started to run out of food before we got to them.






We both had fun at this event and left with full bellies (and 2 bottles of water). Water? Why did we leave with water? Well… we met the owner (?) of an AMERICAN bottled water company.

We were thirsty and upon seeking out someone to open a bottle for us (this is fancy water, need bottle opener), a random lady said, “I know someone that would like to know you’re drinking his water.” We looked at each other with questioning marks and followed her. We ended up in an awkward video (that was supposed to go up on facebook and instgram… but yet to be posted) by Ski Johnson (owner/jazz musician). “It’s American!”, Mr. Johnson got out of him while I awkwardly stood there and slurped down some water. We then chatted and asked him to sign a bottle for us. It was interesting…

Below is a list of all attending restaurants and breweries (copied from Washington City Paper’s website). Along with local brews, there were also cocktails and other drinks. Pictured below are my 2 favorites…

Food & Drink: 1905, &pizza, Acre 121, Art & Soul, Bar Pilar, Bier Baron, Blue 44, Boqueria, Boss Shepherd’s, Brabo, Cashion’s Eat Place, Daikaya, Del Campo, Del Frisco’s Grille, Dirty South Deli, El Camino, El Centro DF, Fainting Goat, Firefly, Founding Farmers, GBD, Gibson, Graffiato, Hank’s Oyster Bar, Masa 14, Jack Rose, Lebanese Taverna, Meridian Pint, Ocopa, P.J. Clarke’s, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, Pinea, Ping Pong Dim Sum, Policy, Pop’s Sea Bar, Poste, Rare Sweets, Right Proper Brewing Company, Room 11, Taylor Gourmet, Ted’s Bulletin, Tico, Vinoteca, Zengo

Local Breweries: Atlas Brew Works, Bluejacket, DC Brau, Port City Brewing, Right Proper Brewing Company, Three Stars Brewing

Favorite Beverages:



One thought on “Washington City Paper – Best of DC

  1. This is typical of this type of event. It’s how the value is identified in premium/VIP tickets. And VIPs are proven to spend more dollars in the destination, so thats why there is such a ticket for these events. You just need to be a VIP in these cases.


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