Garden District

The beautiful weather this past weekend called for outdoor dining. We headed into the city to seek out cherry blossoms and lunch/dinner… along with the rest of the world.

We found ourselves at Garden District. An outdoor beer garden hot spot (14th and S NW). We settled for standing room in the corner using the planter as our table/seat. It was packed. Not even space for us to squeeze in with others at a table. I give the waiters a lot of credit for getting our orders correct, timely and remembering where we were huddled. But you know it is good, when it is packed!

I ordered my new favorite grapefruit beer and he had a white wine (not very good for my buds, but his weren’t rejected). We started with a pretzel until we I figured out what we I wanted. Advice, don’t waste your time with the pretzel and very mustardy mustard (I’m not a big mustard fan, but he liked it). It isn’t anything outstanding for the money (Auntie Anns are better), try your luck with something else as a starter. He went into this knowing the grilled cheese was his top pick… I’ll admit, it is a damn good grilled cheese (all 1.5 sandwich worth).


He also ordered a side of tasty fries.


I went with the German theme… a braut with kraut. It was very good. I would rate as a typical braut, nothing exceptional to make it stand alone against the brauts of the world. But, still very good.


Excuse the bites taken, he constantly has to remind me to take photos for you all. Bill ran to around $40, drinks are little pricey here (for a girl from NEPA), but atmosphere is great and choices are unique.


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