After our Sunday lunch (see post below), we decided we deserved some dessert. We window/restaurant shopped down 14th coming across a liquor store doing samples of tequila. Boy, was that stuff nasty. Though I enjoy a good alcoholic beverage, I have learned that the actual taste of liquor is gross. Yea… I can’t explain, makes for a good case against drinking. But, let’s be real…

After trying three different tequilas, I was in the hunt to erase that taste in my mouth. We happened upon Dolcezza… a coffee/gelato cafe on 14th NW in DC, perfect. He went with the banana fosters gelato and my springy/fruity mood steered me toward the mango sorbet. It was light, creamy and just the right amount of sweetness.

His dessert
My dessert

For about $3, you get a little cup of tasty goodness to brighten your day! Plus a nice spot with fairly clean bathrooms.

Now, we were ready to tackle the crowds and see some cherry blossoms!




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