Chaps Pit Beef

Sunday’s adventure took us to Baltimore for some Baltimore style BBQ also known as Pit Beef. This whole BBQ vs Pit Beef genre of food is really confusing to me. Please, shed some light if you can explain. We spent several minutes in the car after eating discussing and researching wofting in our new perfume trying to figure it all out. To me it is BBQ, just getting a different style as you would pulled pork or beef. But to some, it is not BBQ at all…. I don’t know, all I care is if it is good and it was.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering where we were (maybe if you’re a Bmore local, you already guessed or if you’re really smart you will have figured out by the title of the post). This delicious place is called Chaps Charcoal Beef; located off Pulaski highway. Be ready to induce stimulation in all of your senses.

You will walk into a small, smoke filled dining/kitchen area with lots of other people either coming for the first time (like us) or the regulars that can’t quite seem to get enough. Depending on the time, you may have to stand in line (we hit it right, but the line was out the door when we were leaving and I was dragging him away from ordering a 2nd sandwich).

You can get so many combinations of meat in a sandwich it is overwhelming. We both settled for your basic pit beef. I added slaw and he added bacon and cheese. It is warm and messy, but very soft in texture. Not chewy, but hard to bite off just a piece of shaved beef. You can taste the preparation process; the smokey/charcoal flavor is rich and you should not bury with adding too much sauce. The bun was soft and kept this sandwich together (hate when the bun falls to pieces). I topped with some sauces and he did his usual dipping.

The mac and cheese wasn’t my favorite, but he liked it. I can be picky with mac and cheese. The fries were good, standard though. But really, who is going there for the sides anyway? Also, be sure to try out all the BBQ sauces and don’t be afraid to mix them. I enjoyed the hickory and this little saucy number (mixed and separate).

In review, if you find yourself in Bmore alone, date night, family trip or a guys night out at Gentleman’s Gold Club (yes, they share a parking lot and family lineage), come hungry and you will leave happy! Also, be prepared to smell smokey for the rest of the day (not really a bad problem)!


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