Logan Tavern

Last Saturday marked the 141st running of the roses, also known as the Kentucky Derby. With another hopeful year upon us for a triple crown winner, I set my sites on watching the race in a fun environment. Scouring our resources of good places to eat and drink around DC, I found the place.

Many bars around DC were having fancy derby parties where hats were required. Since I don’t have a derby hat, I settled for a lively environment with mint julep specials and southern food. Logan Tavern had just what I was looking for. The crowd was lively all cheering for the favorite and the staff was friendly. Tvs could have been louder. I would have liked to hear the race rather than read, but other than that it was a great place to watch the derby.

The mint juleps ($8) were very tasty, I even got him to have one. Which I suppose wasn’t that difficult since he is a whiskey kind of guy, but he even liked the mint! They were not overly sweet and didn’t have an overwhelming whiskey taste for me. I would say it was a good drink, but I haven’t had many to compare to.

But the real surprise of the day, was the delicious best ever fried green tomatoes they had on the menu as part of their derby food. These were by far, the best I’ve had. Not that I order them out that often, if ever, but these were divine. The perfect tomato texture with the right amount of breading.

Even though Firing Line came in 2nd and the favorite horse did actually take the roses, it was an exciting 2 minutes. Maybe next year I’ll have a hat!

Post derby libations landed us in Adam’s Morgan at Blaguard. It’s a small dive place serving up strong drinks and decent chicken tenders. Had a great vibe and seemed like a hip spot for the locals. Have a couple tables outside, mostly for the smokers, but we able to enjoy our drinks outside.


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