Quick Fire

We had been looking for a speedy lunch to fill our empty bellies before heading out on our afternoon hiking adventure. The only thing holding us back was our hangover from the previous night’s morning binger. With our stomachs unsure of what they needed, we settled for some fast casual hibachi.

Quick Fire in Germantown is a place we found while eating next door at Ricky’s Rice Bowl. It was quick and perhaps different than your general fast casual choices. But I guess since it is becoming the popular dining type, you can find most anything. That day in particular it seemed worth trying.

I was sadly disappointed and pleased at the same time. The food was not very good. It was a salty, bland flavor for me. It all tasted like the same thing just different textures. I ordered the hibachi with chicken, rice and veggies. Everything tasted like soy. The veggies had a nice texture, but no individual flavor. This could be for 2 reasons. 1, it’s just not very good and/or 2, my taste buds were very off (strong possibility). I think we made the right choice in picking this place on a day when we were BOTH feeling under the weather.



Oh right… and I ordered some weird sushi thing that was about what I expected it to be. Imitation crab and shrimp… I know, why in the world would I get “sushi” from a place like this? I just really wanted some. Thank you stomach for being made of steel!
We I hobbled away from the table and made our way to seize the day!


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