Carmen’s Italian Ice

While others may need greasy McDonald’s to recover from the ragers, I crave root beer! Or, something similar like the sweet nectar of birch beer. On that adventure Sunday with hiking and Quick Fire, I quickly learned that all I wanted was a root beer float.

After our hike on the C&O canal, I told him I needed a root beer float. One might of settled quickly on an A&W store, but the close one had closed. This began the search… where the heck do you get root beer floats?

We found ourselves at hard times cafe off Nelson St in Rockville. “What do you have for desserts?” The waitress replied, “we only have brownies because of Carmen’s next door, but we could do a root beer float for you.” So, we headed next door to Carmen’s Italian Ice to give it a look over (I had been here with some friends a few years ago after the Sugarloaf craft fair).

You’re best bet is to walk in there without an idea of what you want because it will just be thrown out the window when you see what they have to offer. They are more than just an Italian Ice place. They have a ton of ice flavors, interesting custards and even more toppings. Their flavors are creative and not your typical Rita’s menu. With tastes like spicy mango, guava and snozberry, it’s makes for a tough decision. But give them a try, you never know what will be your new favorite.

Needless to say, my root beer float crave was diminished. I settled on cherry ice with Nutella custard and grabbed a birch beer from the cooler. There are no photos as I was too excited to take a breath between spoonfuls! It was so good! It took us awhile to settle on what we wanted, but we were not disappointed. He went with the nutella custard as well… no ice for him. At last, I was really starting to feel better!


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