We are on our way back from today’s adventures and I am realizing how far behind I am on posts. Be ready for roughly five good recommendations coming your way in the next few days. He says he isn’t going to feed me until I catch up on my paperwork…

His visit to Bowie a couple weeks ago landed us at Carrabbas for some pasta, but mainly my craving for their delicious dipping oil and bread. If you haven’t been there to know what I am referring to, it is divine.


I believe Carrabbas is a step up from Olive Garden on the Italian restaurant chain level. They are located sporadically on the east coast some further west, but sorry west coasters, you won’t be able to share in this experience.

I ordered the fettuccine carrabba. A delicious alfredo base pasta with peas and mushrooms topped with freshly grated parmesan. It is creamy fatty, but not overly rich. The peas (my favorite vegetable) and mushrooms add nice color and texture to a simple dish. The linguini was done just right, but I’m not an overly picky pasta snob. It is a very good dish, that I would recommend to you pea and mushroom lovers. Their pasta dishes come with soup or salad. As a salad lover, I went for the garden salad. It is a nice side salad with not to heavy of a dressing or over dressed.

He had, at the most basic level, glorified mac and cheese. With his removal of all things veggie, his dish was left with noodles and four cheeses plus chicken. “It was very cheesy, but Americanized Italian. The chicken was done well and overall very good. But, a simple dish you could probably get anywhere.” He went with a side of soup, sausage lentil. He is not a soup guy, but did put a dent in the bowl.

Overall, we had a nice evening dining on the patio next to the highway with our Arnold Palmers. I believe we spent around $50 for our dinner for two.


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