Last week my mom came to visit from small town Pennsylvania. Of course, I had to take her into the city for dinner and meet up with him. Metro is always an experience, at least I sort of know what I am doing now (not so much the last time I had her in the city).


We had a nice time and learned that roses grow really well in the city! We met him at Etto, supposedly rated one of the best pizza places on 14th street (not actually sure how many pizza places there are). As I went back and forth between this place and its neighbor, I settled to go with my gut craving for pizza.

Though it was very good brick oven pizza and a lovely evening to dine on their patio, I am not sure $60 is worth the price for 2 pizzas and almonds… but afterall, it is DC and you’re paying for that. To start our meal, we ordered $3 appetizer almonds. But, these were not just any almond. They were young green almonds… pickled. I sense that face you are making and that is exactly why we had to get them. They were good. Tasted like a pickle (I love pickles) and had the texture of a chestnut. It was not as firm as a regular almond; it was slightly tender… I’m sure you are still scratching your head. How about if you are on 14th NW or had them before… let me know your thoughts.

Mom and I shared the eggplant pizza, which was very good. It had thick gooey buffalo mozzarella, basil, garlic, large pieces of eggplant with a balsamic reduction. The eggplant was cut into big pieces and kept sliding off the pizza, would have been better if pieces were smaller.


He had the fennel sausage, hold the fennel and any other vegetable/greenery. He said it was good, but more like a basic pizza. Your average cheese (probably could have had more), sauce and a meat. The crust was thing and sauce not an overwhelming zest or sweetness.


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