Mt. Airy Tavern

Last Saturday landed us in Mt. Airy for a very special occasion… his lovely aunt’s wedding. It was the prefect day for a wedding in the park! After the ceremony, we had a reservation at Mt. Airy Tavern. This rowdy bunch had the backroom all to ourselves, probably for the best!
A prefix menu led us both to the burger decision, but had some other tasty choices (steak salad, reuban, blt, Shepard’s pie). As a tavern, I figured the burger should be a good judge. I ordered the burger as it was served (lettuce, tomato, carmalized onions) with fries and he of course made his “man” burger of cheese and bacon.
I thought the burger was very good. Probably not ground breaking, but prepared well. Done to my liking and even had a smokey, charcoal flavor. The toppings were crisp and fresh. The bun held together well and didn’t crumble to pieces and squish to nothing. The fries were also nothing spectacular, but overall a good standard fry. It was your standard American pub food. It seemed like it took awhile for food to come out, but we were a very large group and were all served at the same time. The wait staff was friendly, but one of the managers (not exactly sure who she was) literally kicked us out when it was time. I understand sticking to a schedule, but at least do so in a friendly manner. She was very rude. But what made this dining out adventure wonderful was the company and celebration of love and family coming together. Cheers to the happy couple!
Post dining landed us at a Frederick Keys baseball game (post down pour of course). We stayed in our wedding get-up, needless to say, we got some looks.


Boy… he cleans up well!


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