Pretzel and Pizza Creations

Drunk eating… is something, I believe most of us do regularly or at least would like to if body image wasn’t so important to society. I know I have. That 2 am trip to taco bell or whichever 2am location you prefer. But, up until this point (2 weeks ago, yes I’m still catching up) we have not done it. For as much as we love food, even those guilty pleasures, we have been able to abstain from jumbo slice and all those other late night, carter to the taste buds of an intoxicated individual, places… at least until now.

After last call in downtown Frederick, MD, we followed the herds of drunken fools to a small place where the line was out the door. Pretzel and Pizza Creations, knows exactly what the people want at 2 am. I would love to tell you more about their menu, but I can’t. Afterall, to be in a herd of fools, one must be a fool…

The line moved fast and we did not have to wait too long, I think. It was an order at the counter type place and pick up as you move down the line. Their pizza was sweet. The crust was sweet and the sauce was on the sweeter side. At 2 am, I thought it was great, the best ever. We both each ordered a plain slice, with a side of root beer and dove in. The slices were not jumbo slice size, but probably a 1.5 slices of a typical round pizza. I gave him my crust to finish, but then took it back ripped it from his hands… twice.
Hehe, now a real photo!
Warning: may be terrible pizza sober, but delicious at 2am! You be the judge.


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