Beans In The Belfry

Two Sundays ago, we went for a walk on the C&O canal and found ourselves to be in the right place at the right time. An older gentleman and his son were biking and the older man started to feel symptoms of heat exhaustion. We helped get him to shade and shared water to cool him down. We called 911 and professional help was on the way. Our good deed rewarded us with a recommendation for a place in Brunswick, MD. Since we had no real plans and were heading that direction anyway, we stopped in.

Beans in the Belfry… we didn’t really know what we were getting into, but wow, it was way more than we could have expected. Walking through the old squeaky wooden church door, was simply astounding. It was beautiful inside and felt warm and homey. All of the furniture has been repurposed or rescued. Each little corner of the room is set up to give it at home aesthetics; from a big round or rectangular table to a reading corner with floor lamps, side tables and cushy lazy boys. It’s so cozy feeling, that one corner came equipped with a man sleeping with his feet propped up (looked like your stuffed uncle napping after a big Thanksgiving dinner).

The menu is simple, made of homemade sandwiches/paninis, salads and soups. We ordered some garlic hummus with pita to get our empty bellies started. The pita was warm and the hummus was creamy and not overly gralicy (if there were such a thing… too much garlic, ha).

I ordered the pizza panini (or something to that effect). Buffalo mozzarella, fresh juicy red tomatoes and basil were the ingredients inside this perfectly toasted sourdough bread. It came with a side of tomato sauce to dip, to tip the scales on pizza flavor. It was a simple sandwich, but delicious. I think I will make this at home!

He ordered a roast beef sandwich which sounded delicious, but of course he had to make his modifications… I bet you can guess what he added… bacon and cheese. The beef was tender and not just over processed lunch meat that had been sitting around, this was fresh!

Each sandwich came with a side of slighty dressed salad greens. Needless to say, I had two salads. To wash it all down, we both had fresh squeezed lemonade. Wow, it was real mouth puckering lemonade. Had the bitterness of the lemon and definitely not the sugary treat of (Insert you’re powdered packet or store bought gallon brand here). It was how a lemonade should be, water and lemon with a side of sugar. He ordered his frozen and well the only difference was his state of matter – solid slush… I did, however; like mine (a pure cool liquid) better. It quenched my thirst nicely after the exciting morning early afternoon we had.

The cherry that topped this proverbial sundae, was the live music. A few local bluegrass fiddling folks get together every Sunday and play music here. Whoever shows up, shows up and they just play some songs. It wasn’t exactly our cup of tea, but was refreshing listening to roughly 10 random people brought together by music just playing and having fun. Looking at their calendar, they also host other more organized events through the week and weekends.

Beans in the Belfry turned, what started out as an adrenalin pumping walk, to a day for the “books”. It was a lovely day wondering around Western Maryland!


3 thoughts on “Beans In The Belfry

    • It was beautiful and had so much character. The owners were very involved. The daughter was in the kitchen and the father was walking around interacting and clearing tables. He help fund her dream. Very nice people.

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