Last post from the back log… Two Sundays ago, before we headed to a rock show in Leesburg, VA, we thought we would have a nice late lunch. Pulling from the places we keep talking about, we decided onYekta on Rockville Pike. He had been here for a family dinner and knew it would be straight up my alley.

The interior is beautifully decorated to put you in Persia. Columns in the middle of the room with photos scrolling on tvs over the bar. We started with two appetizers, hummus and dolmeh (grape leaves). The hummus was a good size serving and very flavorful. The pita bread was homemade, served warm and thin. We ordered a second plateful to help finish off the remaining hummus. The grape leaves… they were plump and had the perfect texture. There were six in that one order. He even tried one! Said it tasted like grass… it did not.


We each ordered kabobs. He ordered the beef and I ordered the lamb. Each dish came with a good size portion of meat and plentiful amount of rice. His steak was very tender and had good flavor. My lamb on the other hand was dry. I know lamb is lean and maybe a little more tricky, but if cooked correctly, can be very good. It was still good, just could have been better with more flavor. I enjoyed his steak more. The rice was very good. Flavorful and not over/under cooked.

The service… I have to comment because we experienced it, but his experience was better with his family. We waited a long time for our food. People who sat several minutes after us were served and partially done before we received our entrees and many tables were unoccupied. The waiter claimed he was giving us time for our appetizers, but waited too long. Surprisingly, I did say something and we were offered a dessert on the house with many apologies. But, unfortunately were both too full to pick something. And I guess I didn’t think quick enough to get it to go, but we were on our way to VA.

It was a nice meal and I would be willing to give it a second chance based on his first experience, but we can’t. Our total came to around $42 with two appetizers, two dinners and two drinks. At some point you will read about one of my absolute favorite Persian restaurants, but he hasn’t been there yet.

With two full bellies and a little bit more time to kill before rock and roll, we headed to the mall. He a bought a new outfit with my suggestions and I am looking forward to seeing him actually wear it! Update… he is actually wearing it!

Disclaimer: Forgot to take photo of meal because it took so long to come out and I just dove in.


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