Drink the District – Rock the Core

Drink the District sponsored their 2nd annual Rock the Core event (aka hard cider festival). If you have been to a drinking fest, I am sure I don’t have to tell you how awesome they are. While I have been to a couple different ones, this was by far my most absolute favorite. Ticket price included unlimited tastings (both 1 and 4 oz pours) and full pours of your cheaper varieties (Bud, Johnny Apple Seed) I can’t even begin to tell you how many different cider mills were there or how many samples I had (a lot is probably a good reference). Here is a list of some of my favorites… well our favorites, we agreed on most of them.

Strongbow – an obvious good choice

Redd’s – I believe their wicked was our favorite.

Woodchuck – They had many of their vairiets, but the seasonale “Summer Time” was a pleasant surprise. I haven’t had that one before and enjoyed it very much

Smith and Forge – one that I have not had before, was also a good candidate.

Crispin – I still only like their original flavor

Angry Orchard – always a good choice

Bold Rock – Their cider mill is located outside of Charlottesville, VA. We stopped their during our winter getaway in February. I fell in love with this place while we were there and their ciders. All of the ciders, I have had from them I love and their property it beautiful. This place comes highly recommended if you are in or not in the area. I knew that they brew some of the best ciders I have had going into this event, but didn’t know their VA Draft cider would still be my favorite leaving the event (and that is not just because the guy pouring was hooking me up). It has such good flavor.


Anyway, back to the food. They had several of DC’s well known food trucks at this event; one in particular note 20150530_133229was CapMac. Since he works in DC, he is well versed in the food truck scene. But this was only my 2nd city food truck encounter and most others have been at horse shows. We ordered the special for the day which was your regular mac n cheese, crushed cheeze-its, cheddar cheese and pork bbq. For the regulars, this is the classic CapMac’n Cheese Balls Out. Oh my… for the fat kid moment of this blog…. this was absolutely amazing! (You can ask him, I wanted more the next day and still do) It was cheesy, texture was amazing and the pork was good. The only thing I wanted to add was some BBQ sauce. If the mac n cheese was just alone without the other toppings, it would not be anything to rave about. But it all together and the shredded cheddar on top… bam, perfection! (Boy, my most raving review is about a food truck.. I am fat kid!) I am told there is another food truck that specializes in pulled pork and has a dish similar (name is escaping me at the moment), but I have yet to have it. There will be a post about that place in the future. Join us in next years, rock the core event!


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