Mi Rancho

Nothing says post softball (yes, he is in a softball league) like all American tex-mex, but the taste buds want what the stomach wants. Last Friday, mine wanted fajitas. After a quick search in the parking lot for a nearby Mexican restaurant, we decided on Mi Rancho in Rockville, MD off of Rockville Pike.

We both had steak fajitas. I ordered the vegetable one thinking it was the “regular” fajita order, but it came with more than just your standard onions and peppers. It would be comparable to a stir-fry, which is odd, with mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, etc. However, it did make for some nice leftovers that Monday at work combined with the rice!

Oops, don’t let me get ahead. We ordered tequitos to start us off. I think it was a first for me, I believe I have only ever seen them from the freezer section at your local grocery. That being said, we had to get


them. They were in fact homemade, but had the same look and similar taste to the pre-fabs. My best explanation of this tequito is a tightly rolled taco without the veggies (small amount of onions and peppers done up with the hamburger) on a corn tortilla. Simple and tasty, but there is no fooling his veg-dar. He spotted that minuet amount of earth growth and was sure to eliminate it from his bites. Nothing spectacular about this dish, but a good starter to share or small dish if you’re not very hungry.

Now, back to our main dishes. Both of our dishes came out sizzling hot and plated like most fajitas. He had just steak and I had a combo of steak and chicken. Our meats were very tender and the steak even had a bit of an underlying smokey flavor. Comparing to some past fajita dishes I have had, Mi Rancho gave you a

My dish
My dish
His dish

very sizable meat portion. Some places are heavy on the veggies and light on the meat, my dish was heavy on both and his was only heavy on the meat with a reasonable amount of onions and pepper (for someone that likes them anyway). The meat was a top a small bed of sweet caramelized onions with flavors blending from the meat. Sides of pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce, beans and rice all complimented nicely. The guacamole could have been a little fresher as it was already starting to oxidize as I was finishing my meal, but it still had a good creamy flavor. The tortillas were made in house and held-up to my over-stuffing.

Overall, the service was pretty decent. However, they did not ask how we would like our steak done, but that was not a deal breaker. The steak came out done just right. The meal comes with complimentary chips and salsa. I have had better salsa, but it was good. The chips were warm and made fresh. The wait staff checked on us and kept our waters topped off. For water, a $10 appetizer and two fajitas, our bill came to about $49. Considering the amount of food, I though it was a reasonable price.

I am sure you are jumping off your seats to give it a try, but let me warn you (this is my only real complaint)… if it is your birthday, they don’t sing feliz cumpleanos, just plain old english happy birthday.


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