Fish Taco

A slow, traffic filled jaunt to Cabin John, MD on our round about trip to DC took us to a splendid little place named Fish Taco. It was tucked into a tiny strip mall among many other restaurants off of MacArthur Blvd (not far from Glen Echo Park). Seems be a dining hotspot and pet lover haven as several four-legged fuzz balls had their owners out for lunch that day. There is also a little grocery co-op detached around the corner with many interesting finds and great smelling soap.

Instead of ordering the highly recommend fish tacos, hence the name, from the counter, I ordered the pork carnitas. I was expecting 2 shredded pork tacos, but to my surprise, I was served 2 lovely plated tacos with cubed, fatty, tender pork belly. It was so soft, it just melted away in your mouth. The texture of the meat itself was great, but combined with onions, cilantro and a salsa verde; it was absolutely mouth pleasing. Each taco was wrapped in two homemade corn tortillas, which still had a difficult time holding in the jucies. Perhaps I am partial to flour tortillas (go ahead, roll your eyes), but I felt the corn tortilla took away some of the attention from the flavors inside. I ordered a small salad with my tacos which was dressed in a homemade light, creamy, Italian blended dressing The lettuce was crisp and all the vegetables tasted fresh. This dish was $6.95.

He ordered the beef brisket barbacoa for $7.95, but opted for a side of beans and rice. This taco was supposed to be topped with pickled jalapeño and guajillo salsa. But, of course the jalapeños were removed and cheese was added. 20150531_142952He said his meat was very tender (soft), which it was (based on my sampling). He enjoyed his corn tortillas and said the flavors blended well and the sauce was warm. Even though the black beans and rice were just a side, just as much time and care was taken into their preparation. He said they were phenomenal and tasted like real beans not the canned, overly soaked quick variety. They had a very nice texture and left a pleasing taste. The dish of vegetables was obviously passed across the picnic bench to my side of the table. I believe that was the pickled jalapeño, but not completely sure. It was different; texture was good, but taste was a spicy pickle. They would have been a delicious addition into his tacos, but not something I would chow down on as a side. I didn’t even clean the bowl out.

This was a great find for a Sunday morning, but we are sad that it is gone from our options… I am pretty sure he is already plotting his return without me (he think I won’t know, but he doesn’t lie too well). However, we will be returning to that strip mall to try some of the other delicacies available and maybe step in to waft the smells of Fish Taco! This place comes highly recommended and to be honest, of the more recent posts, this is probably one of the better meals.


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