Mt. Airy Lanes

Nothing says family fun like bowling and pizza. A couple Saturdays ago (yes I am still behind, but almost caught up), we had a 30th birthday celebration with his family for his cousin. The bowling extravaganza was held at Mt. Airy Lanes. This was not your typical bowling alley with big balls sailing down the lanes, this was duckpin bowling. It was my first time duckpinning, but oh boy was it fun.. even though I am not so good of a bowler, but I did beat him the 2nd game! I have always wanted to do it, just never made it happen. If you don’t have much going on this weekend, grab some people and head to your nearest duckpin bowling center. It wasold school, scores needed to be entered and you had to manually press a button to reset/clear the pins. Just a step up from pencil and paper with foreign kids resetting your pins. We had a great time bowling and spending time with family.  But if you are planning to head to Mt. Airy Lanes, eat before hand. I would recommend Carterque in Mt. Airy just down the road. (Don’t fret, the adventure here happened before the blog became an idea). It is a delicious BBQ establishment.

20150606_142837Anyway, the pizza at Mt. Airy Lanes is nothing to be desired. But, who goes for the pizza? It looked like bad, boxed, frozen pizza (though I have had some good ones). The crust was thick, hard and dry with little cheese and sauce to balance it out. It was part of our birthday package. Though the pizza was bad, the company was great and it didn’t matter. We had a great time. I snacked on the  veggie tray carrots and snap peas while he enjoyed some cool ranch Doritos. And of course there was cake and ice cream!

His aunt made the cake, which was decorated very nicely. And tasted just as good. The ice cream was individual cups like I use to get in school, except no wooden spoon. 20150606_142913

In summary, family time is great, duckpin bowling = fun and if in Mt. Airy, eat at Carterque!


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