Roscoe’s Pizzeria

Since Takoma metro is only a hop, skip and a jump from Union Station, we met for another dinner date. Since we did window shopping the day before, I already knew where I wanted to go…Roscoe’s Pizzeria.

Each of their round pizzas are personal, if you eat an of average of 2-3 slices normally. A small kid’s size version is an available option, if you eat tiny portions, however; we do not. They have lots of outdoor seating on the sidewalk and the inside is also larger than I initially thought. Their menu has other options in addition to pizza, which also looked good: pasta, salads and paninis. But, pizza is the direction we both went.

He ordered the four cheese white pizza and added pepperoni. Being a meat man, he prefers his pepperoni a specific way, crispy with the edges curling up (looks like a bowl). According to him, it was done to perfection. The crust was rubbed with garlic oil and topped with a nice layer of cheese. He said usually the cheeses all blend together and you only get one flavor. But this pizza, you were able to taste the individual cheeses and each bite was different.

My recent discovery of my love for mushrooms guided me toward the special wild mushroom pizza. The base was a mushroom creme with smoked mozzarella. It was loaded with a variety of mushrooms and sprinkled with some chives and onions. The flavor was amazing, for those that enjoy mushrooms. The crust was soft and airy. It was not a very thin crust or too thick; it was a perfect ratio to the toppings for our pizzas.

We were seated in the back room and had it to ourselves. The service was standard. We got our pizza in a timely manner and I believe our bill came to around $30. My pizza was $17.


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