Old South Smokehouse

20150626_203502Our trip to Pennsylvania this weekend, took a food detour for dinner. We found ourselves in Port Deposit, MD on route 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway). Since it is not exactly on the path most traveled for trips between PA and MD, it required some research. I may research fish and crabs, but he researches food and destinations.

We filled our bellies at Old South Smokehouse. It has character. A small building that later had an addition added for the bar area and more booths. The place was fairly full and felt like the local bbqin’ spot.

20150626_205232I order the pulled pork platter with a side of mac n cheese and cornbread for $12. The cornbread was nothing to rave about and tasted from the jiffy mix box. (If you’re looking for superb cornbread, check out Founding Farmers.) Even though I prefer baked mac n cheese, this was actually really good. It was creamy, but not overly rich. I have had much better pulled pork and I would not recommend driving out of your way for this place. The pork looked nice, but was on the drier side. I have had some that just melts in your mouth. This needed bbq sauce. My standard for quality pulled pork, is that it should be able to stand alone without BBQ sauce. That being said, it was late in the evening and could have been sitting out all day. But usually, there are some caramelized end pieces that have been 20150626_203232soaked in the flavoring and there was none of that mixed in. The root beer I ordered was good, but it tasted similar to a creme soda. It was very smooth and had a frothy taste.

He ordered the brisket platter, also with a side of mac n cheese and cornbread for $13. He agreed that the cornbread was lacking. We both seem to like some chunks of corn in ours, but not overly gritty. 20150626_205242He enjoyed the mac n cheese and was surprised that I also enjoyed it. My family makes some bangin’ baked mac n cheese, so he knows how picky I can be. As soon as his meal was placed in front of him, he knew it was not going to be spectacular. The brisket did not look as it should have. It was dry and lacked in flavor.

Even though our meals were not great and service could have been better, we got back on the road with full bellies and a full tank of gas from the Landhope across the street. This promted the conversation that Montgomery County (MD), does not have gas stations that serve sandwiches (i.e. Wawa, Sheetz, Turkey Hill, Landhope, Rutters). I guess the people of Pennsylvania and those near the great Mason Dixon Line (and everywhere else) enjoy our sandwich stops while feeding our vehicles. Or, people in Montgomery County are rich snobs and think they are too good for gas station sandwiches (even though they have some gas station tacos).


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