Out of the Way Cafe

This past holiday weekend I choose to stay in Maryland and abandon my family for the holiday… I am sure they missed me dearly. Friday night kicked off our fun, foodie weekend. We started at Outta The Way Cafe. We met up with his family for live music and decided to have dinner there too.

I went with the classic BLT. You really can not screw up this sandwich horribly, but there are things you can do to make it awesome. My only complaint was there was too much lettuce on the sandwich (eek… maybe I have been eating with him too much). But seriously, it was very leafy and was consuming all the flavor. The wheat bread was toasted perfectly, lightly browned and crispy, but not burnt. The tomato was sliced to a nice thickness and fresh. The bacon… now that is how you make the sandwich epic. It was the most perfectly done bacon! For me, that is slightly floppy, yet crispy. It was absolutely wonderful and it made up a large percentage of the sandwich (once the excess lettuce was removed). I was even feeling generous and shared a piece or two with him (I guess I like him a little bit). I swapped out my chips (potato chips) for fries. They were just standard fries, nothing over the top.

He went with the open faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were good and tasted real. Some of the skins were mashed in. I have had better mashers, but these were still just fine. But his roast beef, wow was that good. It literally just melted in your mouth. Chewing was really not necessary. As a kid, I was served a bunch of hot roast beef sandwiches, but this may have been the best (sorry mom). The beef was just so tender; it was hard to compete.

We dined in great company with live music playing. The service was not great, but the place was packed and there did not seem to be many waitresses working. At $22, we had nothing bad to say about our experience. It is a local type place and a little divey, always seems to have some sort of live music.


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