Twinbrook Deli

20150704_185504Saturday afternoon before the 20th anniversary show of Foo Fighters, we rolled through his childhood stomping grounds to grab a quick bite. He hadn’t been here in years, but spent endless days being a loyal patron. This place I speak of is Twinbrook Deli. It is centered in Twinbrook Shopping Center off of Veirs Mill Road in Rockville, MD. This place is both deli and beer store.

20150704_143644I went for the famous italian sub with lettuce, tomato, onion and their dressing. It was delicious. Since I have a job that requires many on the go lunches, I am a frequent patron of subway and wawa. Though they can both make a decent sandwich, there is nothing like a locally made mom and pop hoagie. This hoagie was delicious! The vegetables and meat seemed fresh. It was very well portioned. There was not too much meat or too much lettuce. The roll was a good vessel for this sub and also proportioned well to the filling. Instead of just oil and vinegar, they had used an italian dressing. This added a ton of flavor to the sandwich, but did not over power!

His sandwich looks much less appealing (for us veggie enthusiats) even though he raved 20150704_143601about it. I believe he had the turkey with cheese and bacon. Again, everything was fresh and the bacon actually looked appetizing. He is happy to have gone back and I am sure will continue his patronage! I think in total our meal was about $20. I am not sure that 2 people can even eat at McDonald’s for that price anymore…


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