Full On

Our week day dinner together was a tiny little place in a strip mall off of Norbeck Road in Rockville, MD. Full On is not anything fancy, but with interesting dishes and close proximity it won that evening’s pick. Plus, it was close to some nice parks for a post dinner stroll.

I had been craving some wings and theirs sounded good. We did half buffalo and half bbq to share an order while we waited for our dinner. They were not very big, but certainly juicy. A light coating of sauce and grilled. ($9)

I was feeling a salad, but was torn because they had so many delicious tasty sandwiches. I believe my lunch that day involved bread so I talked myself into the Cobb salad. Sometimes you order a salad and wish you had more food and other times, the salad is plenty big enough. Well, this was one of those times. The greens were romaine and loaded with proteins of turkey, ham, hard boiled egg, blue cheese crumbles and applewood smoked bacon. It was also topped with tomato, beets and avacado. I dressed it with balsamic. It was a refreshing, filling salad with fresh ingredients. The meats did not taste that they ever from a freezer. ($11)

He ordered the French dip. The roast beef was very tender and tasted as if it was smoked out back. It was served with housemade chips. These were crisp and lightly salted. ($9.5)


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