Elephant jumps

Behind doesn’t even cover how much I have been slacking… but I will catch up!

Thanks to Washingtonian’s Cheapest Eats list, which is going to become a check list for us, we found Elephant Jumps. To be honest, part of the desire to check this place out was just in it’s name. Who doesn’t like Elephants?

Elephant Jumps is located in the Yorktowne Shopping Center in Falls Church, VA. It is back in the corner between some other restaurants. The inside of the restaurant is tiny with maybe ten tables, but they expand to the outdoors with at least another 15 tables. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Our waitress said we made good choices in the dishes that we chose and she even made him order his by name!

20150705_161641We wanted a full sampling of the menu sampling of the meats on the menu (some of the other appetizers sounded delicious too, but not exactly shareable for us), so we started with some apps. The Thai Beef Jerky ($7) is not like the dehydrated meat like some of you may be picturing, it was a marinated, fried Thai style meat. It was lightly fried with a sweet flavor and nice texture. It came with a chili sauce that complemented perfectly with the sweetness of the meat. Our second starter was the charbroiled marinated pork ($8) (I am sure you are noticing a theme). The pork was mouth watering, literally. It was fatty and juicy, everything that pork should be! It was again marinated in a sweeter sauce. The curry vinegar salad it was served with added a nice contrast with the pork and I recommend enjoying together.

20150705_163037We stayed away from your traditional American Thai dishes such as my favorite, Pad Thai. We ordered off of their “authentic” Thai menu. He went with the Sen Yai Ladd Na Moo Mug. This dish was broccoli, marinated pork served over a flat rice noodle with sauce. It is served with a Thai style pickle vinegar to enhance the natural flavors and help with the smokey finish. This is a very common dish and always comes with pork. Most street carts in Thailand serve this. He said there were many elements to this meal and had so many flavors all coming together. The sauce was thin and not overly salty or sweet. The pork was done well and did not have much added flavor as a stand alone item, but was still was pleasing. He tried a small section with the vinegar and liked it, but not enough to add more. I think the vingegar added a lot to the dish, but I am also partial to anything vinegar. He was very curious about the noodles. Not a typical starchy noodle that most of use eat on a regular basis, but had more of an egg flavor. They were large flat pieces that were oddly shaped. He thoroughly enjoyed his dish and even ate some of the broccoli! ($13)

I was very pleased to stay away from my traditional orderings and step out a little bit. Thank you blog for making me 20150705_163007explore the options! I ordered the Prig Sod Moo. This was pork, long green peppers, onions and a side of jasmine rice. This dish was rated medium spicy to the general public and maybe Thai natives, but to me… it was HOT. I knew what I was getting myself into, but it sounded delicious and I could use the sweating of a few calories. It was very flavorful and warm as I expected. The sauce was thin and soaked into the rice. I would also say that it was a little more salty than his, but contrasted nicely to the sweetness of the onion and spicy pepper. The pork was also not overly done and had good flavors to round out the dish. If you can not handle any spice, I would recommend not trying this dish. ($13)


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