Kangaroo Boxing Club

Some of you know that I grew up in the middle of nowheresville in Northeast PA. I was content with having barely any neighbors and being far away from everything. I was sure that was what I wanted for the rest of my life, but we all change. And in the past few years of being on my own in the smack dab between 2 large cities, my outlook has changed. I really enjoy the city (not saying I could live there), anything you could ever want is at your finger tips. Being able to hop on the train and meet him for a good dinner in the middle of the week and still be home at a reasonable hour, could never get old.

Our midweek dinner (before he left me for Ireland) took us to Kangaroo Boxing Club. Kangaroo is on 11th NW, in your nation’s capital. This place has been on our radar since the fall and boy was it worth the wait. Also, nice to be able to share our experience with you fine people. Surprise, we also made a happy hour (but did not indulge in the specials). While they had some decent specials, we were both drawn to other items on the menu.


He had the pulled goat with bacon, gorganzola mac n cheese and jimmy cakes. The goat was better on the bun and had a peppery flavor. It had a lot of flavors, but was not gamey. It is a leaner meat and can get dry. I recommend eating it with the salsa verde it is served with (it was green, he got nervous and put it on the side). He loved the mac n cheese, but if you’re not a huge gorgonzola fan, maybe pick something else. This came with creamy spiral noodles and garnished with bacon. It did not need anymore to enhance the flavor. The jimmy cakes brought back childhood memories for both of us. It was dry, but the maple butter enhanced the fritter. It crumbled apart, but mixed in well with the meat. He enjoyed them more than I did. ($17)



I had the pulled duck with a salad and jimmy cakes. The salad was a lovely side salad, fresh with nice toppings, not a basic cheap salad. It was detailed with walnuts, cheese, tomato and onion. My duck was amazing! It was flavorful, moist (maybe a little greasy), but not gamey. It was topped with blackberry carmalized onions which in my opinion could have had more. They adeed a hint of sweetness. We both liked the duck over the goat. ($14)


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