Smokehouse Live

For the year and half or so that we have been together… this is our 1st actual brunch, if you can call it brunch. One Sunday, we got ourselves out of bed and out the door in time to see the sun and grab brunch. The normal couple would hit up some place down the street, but no one said we were normal. We drove to Leesburg, VA to check out Smokehouse Live for food and live music. Why? Because we he searches out interesting places and we go to them.


In a nutshell, this is a man’s meal. If you are looking for a protein overload and meat sweat inducing coma all before 2 pm, Smokehouse is the place. Around the room were separate stations: egg (never it made it that far), meats all freshly carved and served to you, sides and a dessert. We started with the meats and sides. You’ll notice something peculiar about the photos below… they look the same. If you are reading for the first time, my plate usually encompasses some color added by fruits and vegetables. This is a typical looking meal for him (at least in his dreams).

My meal
My meal
His meal
His meal

We started with pork, ham, red skin potatoes, Thanksgiving casserole, sausage and obviously bacon. The bacon was subpar, but we think that had to do with it sitting in a chaffing dish to stay warm. The pork and the ham were both juicy cuts of meat, sliced right from the bone. There was a homemade mustard for the ham which added a little kick to the ham. This was good, but the ham did not require any additional flavor. It stood alone just fine. I did not like the sausage very much, but then again I am not much of a sausage person. This had some zing to it. I gave him the rest of my piece to finish. He did however say it was good, but not next level. The potatoes were flavorful and diced finely with pieces of onion (just how I like them). The Thanksgiving casserole, for me, that was next level. I enjoyed that more than any of the other samplings I had. It was moist and encompassed every flavor you dream about when thinking Thanksgiving. It had turkey, stuffing, corn and gravy all made into one heavenly dish. He liked it, but did not rave about it like I did. I believe when we were in the planning stages of food for that day, the Thanksgiving casserole listing on their brunch menu was what sold me in the first place.

Our second helpings, which neither of us needed. But, do people ever just stop at what is sufficient. 20150712_14083320150712_134019As much as my mouth enjoyed the 2nd large helping of the casserole, my body started to resist the intake of food. See, I told you I like fruit! He went for more meats and added a carb. This time, he asked for some burnt ends. I think we both could have been rolled out of the restaurant. Their brunch buffet menu runs about $20 per person. For the amount of food you are getting and the quality, it is a good deal!

Oh… I almost forgot to mention. I had my first celebrity washed up athlete siting… Robert Griffon III. He rolled up on some fancy skateboard, hovercraft thing with his wife and kid. I had no clue who it was and had terrible thoughts in my head when I saw a man rolling down the sidewalk, while his wife pushed the large stroller. But, he did hold the door open for us. They choose not to eat their for brunch, but then maybe came back.


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