Old town cafe

Surprise, surprise… we made an actual breakfast!!! Seriously, I am not joking. He was still on Ireland time and woke before me (that is a big deal, if you are scratching your head). We traveled to Gaithersburg, MD to Old Town Cafe on Diamond Ave.

This was a no frills breakfast spot, which is exactly what breakfast should be. We pulled out the bar stools and plopped down at the counter across from the very clean grill and fryer.

I ordered the standard western omlete which came with home fries and toast. The potatoes were real and not the frozen bagged crap. My omlete was large, at least three eggs. The peppers and onions were also fresh and maybe locally grown (can’t verify). It was your basic amazingly simple omlete as they all should be. The home fries were good, I just like more seasoning and some onions. He thought they were wonderful.

He had the french toast with bacon and scrambled eggs. He thoroughly enjoyed his plate too. The french toast was made on thick bread with a light sprinkling of powered sugar. He enjoyed the bacon, but it is hard not to. Eggs were also nothing special, just scrambled up. In total, our breakfast was $25. It was a homemade breakfast without being made at home and having a mess in my kitchen.

Stayed tuned for some exciting international posts (probably when we get back) as we head to Costa Rica tomorrow. Adios!


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