Katana Sushi

Excuse the brief hiatus… He was exploring Ireland and then we were exploring Costa Rica! There will eventually be a post or 2 from Costa Rica. I have also been running to the homeland the last several weekends. But, last week we managed to meet for dinner on my trip back to MD.

We met at Katana Sushi in Elkridge, MD. I have been to the Katana in Annapolis, MD before and think of them as repeat place for reasonable sushi. We ordered an appetizer of potstickers. These were done well and the sauce was not overpowering. It just added something extra. 20150831_174025

I ordered the Spicy Scallop and Salmon roll. 20150831_174722While these were not terrible rolls, I have had better quality. I am not exactly sure what it was, maybe nothing tasted as fresh as it should. The rolls were a decent size, so my dislike was not about the size. I think it was just the quality of ingredients. I would probably not return to this location, but will not be writing Katana off my list completely.

He had the beef teriyaki. He also was not super impressed. It was nothing special.20150831_174730 I think he enjoyed the potatoes, which seems to be out of place for this dish. The vegetables were done well and the meat was the correct temperature. The dish was not completely drenched in sauce. I don’t remember was he said about the flavor of the sauce. Most of our meal was spent catching up and planning for the coming weeks. We didn’t spend as much time reviewing our food as we typically do.


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