Primanti Bros (not the original)

This weekend marks my mommy’s 56th birthday. (oops, I said that out loud) So, I we are headed north on I-83 to celebrate with the family. He is doing the driving to save some miles on Mitzy (my car if you are unfamiliar) and boy it is nice, besides some of the music choices, blasting A/C and slight road agression. But, I digress…

Near York, PA on Queens Street off of I-83, you can find the world famous Primanti Bros. This is a huge deal in Pittsburgh, PA, but it somehow found its way to York, PA.

They are well known for serving up large sandwiches with fries and slaw (and I don’t mean on the side). Yes, their sandwich ingredients include a meat, provolone, tomato, french fries and slaw. You can order it up basically anyway you want, single meat, double meat or two different meats. Plus, you can add bacon, onions and/or more cheese.

You can also ruin the whole idea they created by removing slaw and tomato from the sandwich. (Yes, that is what he did.) We both ordered the sirloin steak sandwich, but both were very different. I kept it original and he added bacon and removed the only things healthy about the sandwich. If I have not made it clear, when it comes to food, texture is a huge deal to me. The texture that this sandwich delivered was amazing. It gave you the warmth of the grilled steak, the softness of the fries and Italian bread with the hard, juicy crunch of the slaw and the feeling of your arteries starting to close. It was a simple sandwich with simple ingredients, but everything worked perfectly together. There was no flavor that over powered the other. He was really missing out on the experience of the texture, but his bacon was some of the best I have had.

We both agreed that our sandwiches were delicious, but nothing that we would fight about having to have again. I would go again, but not drive out of the way for. Their burgers looked good and I would be interested in trying those. The staff could not have been any more friendly or attentive. It’s a loud, sports bar type place. The perfect place to grab some food and watch the game. I am not sure I could see it being a family place to bring young kids or your grandmother, but I am not one to judge.


Oh, we did order an appetizer. The fried mozzarella wedges. We I was starving and they were decent, but lacked that homemade taste. I saw orders of loaded fries and nachos getting passed out, now those looked like crowd pleasers!

We spent about $30.


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