Lucky’s Sports Bar

Football season is officially here and our next few Sundays will be spent in front of the tv yelling at the Redskins (at least until all hope is completely gone for them to be a competitive team).

Since we were in PA, we found a bar playing the game. If you find yourself near Wilkes-Barre, PA and in need of sports action and/or some eats, hit up Lucky’s Sporthouse. They have at least 20 tvs airing all of the games and I can’t forget the game day specials on food and drinks. We stuck to the “American tapas” menu and ate like a fat boy who loves cake.


I have been craving wings, so that’s what we started with.10 wings for about $12 and could mix up the sauces. We ordered 5 bbq and 5 butter and garlic. These were smaller than some wings I have had, but an overall decent wing with a good crisp skin. The butter garlic had a perfect crispy skin. He thoroughly enjoyed their flavor, but I being a garlic hound, wanted more garlic to come through. I liked the bbq best. It wasn’t just a plain, overly sweet bbq sauce. It had a slight tang. These had a crisp skin, but not as nice as the butter garlic.
Our next order was this little dish of heaven, loaded perogies. 4 perogies smothered in cheddar cheese, topped with fresh crumbled bacon and scallions. Even though we stole another tables order, it was absolutely delish. We took one home for my mom, she actually needs the calories. He was completely on board when I said about ordering them, but he is slowly starting to trust my food choices… I wouldn’t steer him wrong. He was pleasantly surprised by his experience. ($7)

Our third and final choice (the point we decided we should probably quite), the Bavarian pretzel sticks. These were also very good. Not overly salted or heavy. Each “stick”, was roughly six inches in length served with honey mustard and a jalapeño cheddar. For an appetizer I wasn’t to excited about, it was certainly a good choice. ($5)

They had a large selection of seasonal beers and drink specials. I went with the $2 Bud light draft.

Sidenote… the Redskins lost to the Dolphins after a poor showing in the 2nd half.


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