Gypsy Sally’s

Tuesday, we dug ourselves out of our live show hiatus and made it to Gypsy Sally’s (Georgetown) to see Corb Lund. For those that know me well, don’t read too far into the type of music he plays…. I still hate country (the kind you probably think of or as he says “Pop Country”). But come on, this guy has a song about cows… who doesn’t like cows? Anyway, I won’t explain myself to you and I will get on with the food.

We looked over the menu before we went and decided it looked worthy of our dining graces (plus, it was much more convenient and saved us time). Their menu is simple – dips, sandwiches, salads and pizza. But, not your typical fried food, 20150915_193943burger, bar menu. Though the menu is simple, their dishes are not. Meats and produce are organic and locally raised/grown. Since we were prepared to spend several hours, we started off slow with the roasted red pepper hummus ($6). Rather than pitas, it was served with warm toasted bread. You could taste the red pepper, it was very good. He ate it, but I don’t think it was his favorite.

We watched all of the orders being passed out and pizza seemed to be the popular item. So, that was what we went with. We figured we would have it to munch on through the show (that was a fail, we both gobbled it up before the show started).

He ordered the three cheese with pepperoni ($16). He liked the mix of cheeses and of course enjoyed the pepperoni. I also thought it was good, but could have did with the bite of pepperoni I had.

I ordered the bbq chicken pizza ($18). This was also a very good pizza. It could have had more bbq sauce, but the heavier bites of bbq were good. It wasn’t a standard sweet bbq, it had a bit of a tang. The chunks of chicken were evenly spread and some onions were mixed in. It was sprinkled with some cheddar cheese, which didn’t add anything extra.

We both agreed we would not drive out of our way to eat there, but would recommend someone going to a show should give it a try. It was very convenient.

We thoroughly enjoyed this place as a venue and would like to see more shows there, but obviously not eat there a 2nd time. They have two music venue areas. The main stage at Sally’s and the Vinyl Lounge (open mic every Tuesday). The “main” stage has a small standing area, but most of the room is filled with tables and chairs for dining, plus the bar. The tables are up a level from the stage and offered a nice view.


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