Underdog Sports Bar & Grill

Week 2 of NFL Sunday was here and gone (at least the Redskins won this week) and we were again in another state. It looks like the first 4 weeks of football will not be viewed in MD for either of us. But that is OK, even when you are traveling you can take the time to sit down, eat some food and watch a little football. And we are helping you out with that (if you are traveling through PA that is)…

Harrisburg, PA… the capital of Pennsylvania, home to my Aunt and the Farm show (that is about what I know). When it comes to food, it is difficult to find reviews of places. It seems like people don’t review restaurants and bars like they do here in DC/Baltimore. There is no overhead place to quick google search “The best places to ____”, just personal sites all proclaiming to have the best _____. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

We decided on Underdog Sports Bar and Grill mostly because I knew they had the game on. Our My mouth was watering for Lancaster Brewing (Harrisburg), but they wouldn’t put the game on (maybe we’ll get there at some point… not on NFL Sunday, or maybe you have been there?). Underdog claimed to have some of the best wings and the ability to catch every game. Well…. they certainly had every game on.

honey garlic
Hawaiian delight

We started with the wings ($8 for 12) since that was what everyone raved about and seemed to be eating. They have an overwhelming amount of choices for sauce, roughly 33 different ones. He picked the honey garlic and I went for the Hawaiian delight. The honey garlic was just that, honey with bits of garlic. These were very sweet. The Hawaiian delight, was a standard bbq sauce with chunks of pineapple. I think a great concept, but poorly executed. The pineapple flavor only came out when you ate a piece of the pineapple (I know weird). I would have liked pineapple infused into the bbq sauce. I think there is something to be said about small menus and focusing on what you are good at. This menu was huge and everything was mediocre (at least what we sampled) including the sauces. The wings were a decent size, but certainly not the best we have ever had. (That title goes to the wings we ordered in Philadelphia, PA at The Corner (now closed)).

Our next go of food was much more a healthy eaters worst nightmare interesting. 20150920_143519I ordered a mashed potato bowl ($6). This was mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, gravy, corn and chicken tenders (they ran out of boneless wings). For some terrible, comfort reason, I have always wanted to order one of these. It is comfort food all the way. I could just picture my self wrapped up in blanket on the couch on a miserable day eating this. It was good in the most basic sense. I am sure the potatoes were instant, but they worked in this heap of calories. Everything had a basic flavor, but this is a basic dish that just is suppose to make you feel good, but bad about your choices. Needless to say, I was done after this.

20150920_143507He went a whole different route. I actually felt sick looking at his choice. He started with the sausage bites ($6). Probably one of the poorest crafted appetizers I have ever seen. They came with a honey mustard dipping sauce. They were just plain boring and not very good. But, 20150920_145306served as advertised… fried sausage. He felt they needed something to go with them… so he ordered curly fries… with gravy ($4). While I thought that was an interesting choice. I was already full and just the looks were making me sick. I told him he needed to top the fries with the bites rather than eat a bite then eat a fry. So this was his creation…. He did not eat it all.20150920_145411

You could have rolled us both out the door and we will be both be doing some sort of physical activity at least once this week. I could feel the pounds adding to my waistline and @$$. Like I said, maybe they should downsize their menu and focus on a few things. They also wouldn’t run out, if they didn’t have to store so many different items in the freezer. Curly fries, steak fries, waffle fries, sweet potato fries, wings and all other frozen foods… it all takes up space. Yesterday, they were out of boneless wings and waffle fries (that I know of).


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