Half Pint Creamery

Even though I said I was done eating after all of that food for NFL Sunday, there is always room for ice cream! We stopped at Half Pint Creamery in Hanover, PA on our way home.

20150920_192524This company was started by a 23 year old who took the ice cream class at Penn State… and she knows what she is doing. They had tons of flavors and options to mix in. Not to mention it is all homemade. You can also purchase cakes, ice cream and ice cream sandwiches there.  I had the peach and he did the cookie dough with chocolate syrup. The peach was very peachy, but I would have liked more chunks of peach. It had a jelly sort of mixture in the middle that was ultra sweet. I did not like that as much, but that did have some bits of peaches. His cookie dough had quarter size balls of dough. He enjoyed his flavor especially with the chocolate syrup mixed in.

Overall, we were happy with our find. Who doesn’t love ice cream? I want some now!


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