Mythos Mediterranean Grill

Lately we have abused the mediocre bar food, so it is high time we bring you a solid dinner choice. Friday was date night… dinner and a movie (Black Mass – meh).

While I was trying to rip open crabs at work, he was scouting dinner options. I received my normal three options. I quickly perused the menu of two and decided on the Greek option.

Mythos Mediterranean Grill in Gaithersburg, MD… driving by you probably would not stop. It is in a shady looking strip mall. But, I encourage you to put that turn signal on and dine at one of their tables. You will not be sorry. It is a family business that makes you part of the family. The owner waits on the tables because she enjoys interacting with her costumers and wants their opinions. Most of the people are frequent diners, who all seem to know each other. I felt like I was eating at someone’s home.


I over rode his vote on the hummus starter and went for the dolmadas. They were fat, scrumptious little guys dressed with a zesty hollondaise type sauce. I like a little more lemony flavor, but these were very good. Maybe some of the best I have had. He even ate the filling. She gave him a talking to because he didn’t eat her great leaves ($10).

Lamb Souvlaki is what I ordered. It is chunks of the most delicious, marinated lamb you will ever eat on a bed of lettuce, tomato and onion. It is served on a warm, fluffy pita and topped with crumbled feta cheese. You can order with a side of rice, fries or potatoes. The rice was nothing spectacular, just basic rice. Entrées came with a side salad (I forgot to take a photo). This was also a very good salad with a homemade oil and vinegar dressing (I did not mind eating two). All ingredients are organic and fresh. Easily, one of the best meals I have had ($16).

He ordered the lamb kabobs ($20). It was not the same marinated lamb that I had, but it was super tender. We almost were thinking he got the beef by accident, but it was delicious regardless. The vegetables were tender and grilled perfectly. He also enjoyed the rice. We both agreed that mine was better and he wished he would have ordered what I did. We would recommend the souvlaki over the kabobs.


We were both feeling full, but took a look at the dessert menu anyway. Majority of the desserts are homemade, but some are brought in from a vender. I would have really liked to try the baklava, but he wanted the apple crumble topped with ice cream. I can’t win all the time… We were not disappointed. The crumbled was warm and had large chunks of apple in the bottom. The attention to detail that is put into every dish is incredible. The ice cream even seemed homemade as you could taste the ice crystals. He raved about the ice cream ($5).

Great service and exceptional food. On TripAdvisor, this is rated the number one place restaurant in Gaithersburg.


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