Breakfast in Costa Rica

In August, we took a vacation to Cost Rica. Yea, it has taken me a while to post about it. We spent 8 days seeing all that we could see and eating our way through the cuisine as best as we could order. The common breakfast in Costa Rica is gallo pinto (rice and beans) with a protein. We certainly had our fill of rice and beans that week.

Probably our favorite breakfast of the week was in Cabuya at a small place called Delfin de la Luna. We felt like we were eating at her house. She did not speak any English and I barely speak spanish. So two people who can put some food down and don’t drink coffee… 20150817_083154 20150817_082508 ordered two coffees and only one plate of food. It was the first full day and I was still cleaning off the cobwebs in my brain. I have a basic understanding of spanish, but when it comes to listening and understanding, I am better at Spanglish. I honestly don’t like coffee, it is too bitter for me no matter how much sugar you add, then I feel what is the point. But, Costa Rica being prime coffee territory, we had to try it. Wow… I don’t know what they do different with their beans (except for the amazing views they grow in), but I enjoyed it. I had coffee on several occasions. Who knew…

Here are some of our other breakfast adventures…

This was my 2nd breakfast/lunch after El Delfin… he had a sandwich.

20150820_070706 We stayed at a secluded romantic spot in the mountains through Airbnb with a man named Harry. It was spectacular. Harry made us breakfast each morning of our visit. It was simple yet wonderful. Harry put onions in our eggs which made my mouth happy, but his not. He ate them anyway! What a good sport he was on this trip. I have never had mango that has tasted so good. It was certainly the best and freshest mango I have ever had. The papaya (not pictured here), not so much. Or maybe it just isn’t my thing.


This breakfast was purchased at a soda toward the end of our trip (somewhere along the a small town.. of a small, poor conditioned road). Again no English, but there was at least a menu. I can read Spanish much more effectively. I ordered the eggs and he ordered sausage. The sausage was much different than we are accustomed to, but it was delicious. He even ate some of the vegetables that were in the rice! 20150818_093619


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