Lunch in Costa Rica

20150816_15023211900051_10153497930676145_1518706366834937043_n Lunch was not a hard hitting eating time for us in Costa Rica. We usually had breakfast 20150819_142916because we were up every day at 5:00 am from the Howler Monkeys and had lots of plans before the sun set. We mostly grabbed snacks at gas stations and hot, steamy grocery stores. But for the days that I documented our lunches…. here is what we had.

The first day we hopped on the ferry to Montezuma and grab some meat on a stick off a street cart in Puntarenas. Unsanitary? Probably, but it was amazing (or we were just super hungry). We had seconds.

20150817_111535 This was his 2nd breakfast/lunch after our second day eating at Delfin de la Luna. I had a plate of fruit and he enjoyed a hearty sandwich.

11923400_10153515658421145_168405114_o 11901597_10153515657236145_1601074656_o

Several lunches were skipped in between because we were too busy be adventurers. This was from toward the end of our week when we made it to the opposite coast, the Caribbean. We stopped in a little town, Cahuita (where we went to the Cahuita National Park). It felt like we were all of a sudden in Jamaica. We ate at Miss Edith’s. It was like being invited into someone’s home because I am pretty sure they also lived there. We vowed not to take the easy road out on this one and order authentic dishes. I am pretty sure we annoyed her because it took us awhile to figure out what we wanted and research what some of the menu items meant. I don’t remember what they were exactly, but mine was the pork and his was beef. It was interesting flavor and gave you a kick… everywhere. But it was an experience. I don’t remember feeling strongly about loving the meal, but we were trying something totally new. I still don’t know what that yellow was, maybe from the coconut milk?

11902202_10153515615616145_339593045_o 20150822_150239 One of our last days, we had lunch in Puerto Viejo at Chile Rojo. We started with plantain chips and guacamole. The chips were fabulous and the guacamole was good too. But what sold me on this place was the fish tacos and he was sold on the guy grilling out front. I ordered the fish tacos and he ordered a burger. Their food was well prepared. My tacos were amazing! And he enjoyed his burger with bacon.

Fish tacos
Fish tacos
His Burger

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