Annie Bailey’s

We actually did not watch the Redskins vs Eagles game on Sunday (we are sorry, we know how much you enjoy reading about the carb loaded food we order), which appeared to have been the right choice because the Redskins pulled out a win. His teams seem to preform better when he is not watching, it is a proven fact. 20151004_215705

Sunday night we had a show in Lancaster, PA at Tellus 360 (we have been to this bar/venue before) to see Left Lane Cruiser. We have yet to eat at Tellus and the menu seems reasonable, but we decided to hold off again and save it for another time we come back for a show and have less time before hand. So… we ate next store at Annie Bailey’s.

On their website, they claim to be a “traditional Irish pub” but what Irish pub in America doesn’t? How do you know what is considered “traditional”? Most of us just have a stereotype in our head based on movies we have seen. But, lucky for me… he has an idea! But I digress… when we walked into Annie Baliey’s and there was the real “traditional” feel. I was even more looking forward to the shepard’s pie I was planning on having.

20151004_192208The shepherd’s pie was everything I was looking for. It was warm and I was cold. The thick layer of crisped mashed potatoes were done perfectly. The filling of the shepherd’s pie had mixed vegetables and ground lamb/hamburger. The meat had a little bit of a pepper flavor (probably from the lamb), but it was not over powering. Just enough to say, “Hey, I am in here.” Unlike many others that I have had, there was a nice gravy left in to soak up in the mashed potatoes. Other times I have had this dish, it has been on the dryer side. This was definitely one of the better shepherd’s pies I have had. ($16)

He had the pulled brisket sandwich. Not my first choice at an Irish pub, but to20151004_192109 my surprise it was very good. The brisket had a nice smoke flavor with true smoked coloring. It was topped with a homemade BBQ sauce, made with Guinness of course. The BBQ sauce was sweet, but had a little tang after flavor, very complimenting. It certainly did not top other brisket and BBQ outings, but they did a job well done. We were both super disappointed with the fries. There is a huge difference between American fries and Irish fries (made for vinegar sopping). These were your standard out of the freezer and into the fryer variety. They did not soak up the vinegar like they should have. ($13)

All together it was a wonderful weekend. The wedding (my childhood friend got married) went great (and we looked hot). Sunday, despite my hangover, was a good day. We spend some time with my family, ate a great meal (still carb induced) and watched Left Lane Cruiser put on a super live show.


** Photo disclaimer: Again, very poor lighting for photos. He used his phone light to light it up. They will get better, I promise.


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