Board and Brew

Sunday morning the guests woke up needing coffee. We escorted them (my friends) away from a traditional choice of Dunkin’ Donuts or Wawa (which I don’t have near my house anyway) and took them to College Park, MD for a “quick” stop at a hip coffee shop… Board and Brew.

As a pretty far removed college student, who doesn’t drink coffee, I would like to think that this would have been my hang out a few times a week. They have shelves and shelves of board games for playing, open mic nights on Tuesdays and cozy couches to sip, eat and study at. Though we all felt a little old, it was a pretty cool spot. They even have a limited beer menu.

20151011_110030He ordered the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel. I think his words were that it was your average breakfast sandwich. The sandwich was a reasonable size with a few large strips of bacon, he even shared with me. ($4.25) He add the orange juice.


I had the healthy egg sandwich (because you know that I am such a health food addict…), which I probably could have modified to include yolk, but left as it was. This was an egg white sandwich, with tomato and a basil pesto. Again, it was just an egg sandwich, but I was happy to go for the non-traditional choice. It was a good sandwich with an even amount of pesto and nice of amount egg whites. ($4.50) I had a peppermint tea.

20151011_110100My friends had the pancake breakfast (about $7) and homemade oatmeal ($3.50). I believe she had the maple-brown sugar with raisins, which I 20151011_110108think she thoroughly enjoyed. She said it was thick and not watery like some. He had the filling pancake breakfast, which we all ended up eating some. This came with three large pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a protein. He chose sausage. He had nothing outstanding to say, but said it was good. I had some of the pancakes and thought they were terrible. I am not much of a pancake person, but I have had pancakes that were good. I thought they were very dense and dry. I felt like I needed a whole maple tree of syrup to make these edible. I am sure they were just made from Bisquick (C) or some other boxed/bottled mixture, not that there is anything bad about that.

As a whole, this is a “cool” place to hang out if you are a college student, but I would probably never drive out of my way to come here. I don’t remember the prices of our tea and coffee, but they seemed slightly overpriced. My tea was larger than her coffee. The service was also lacking. It is staffed with college kids (great way for them to earn a little extra cash, I fully support), but our waitress was not attentive. One of the other waiters, brought us our checks. Again, it is a coffee shop, so most people go in to relax and get their morning going. We were in a slight hurry and this was not the best choice.

With bellies warm and full we were off to our cider event at Distillery Lane Ciderworks!


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