Olde Towne Tavern

20151011_13150820151011_140901We had a wonderful afternoon picking apples and tasting apple’s liquid fermented state at Distillery Lane Ciderworks. But our bellies grew hungry… We decided to hit up a bar and check what was happening in the NFL.

We headed to downtown Frederick and walked the main drag to find the perfect spot we were all feeling and could get a seat. Olde Towne Tavern foot the bill. If you remember back to a drunken night in Frederick, this was one of our spots that night for live music. We sat down to find that the Redskins were beating the undefeated Falcons (you can thank his jinx for them losing that game), but in a “fight” til the end, they lost.

20151011_160814Some of us were very hungry and some of us were not so hungry, but we all ate! I went for the nachos… they were speaking to me. As he put it, they looked more like a taco salad. Cheese, chili, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos and salsa were all a top a bed of tri-color tortillas. This was a large serving of mediocre nachos. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, but I have had better. The tortillas were completely soggy from taking the moisture of the toppings. Nachos are supposed to be messy, but they required to be eaten with a fork as I could not even pick them up by hand. However, there were many flavors going on; true to its name nacho supreme. ($8)

One of the best things about watching football at a bar are the deals on food/drinks. On Sundays at the Tavern, their wings 20151011_160828are only 35 cents a piece. What a great deal compared to the normal $8 for I assume a dozen (the menu doesn’t specify). He ordered the 10 wings. Five were just plain breaded and the five were in a homemade sauce. I believe is was a BBQ and ranch mixture. The waitress was not very clear on the sauces they had, but mentioned (well sort of) the homemade flavor. We all thoroughly enjoyed them. The wings were not overly big, but a decent size and meaty. The breading was not too much, just a light coating on the outside. Both kinds were very good. The homemade sauce had a bit of kick, but not enough to make you chug a glass of milk. The meat itself was super tender and very moist. It just fell off the bone. They were certainly some of the better wings we have had of late. The bleu cheese was thick, not your standard runny out of salad dressing bottle kind. He is a bit of a stinky cheese connoisseur, I think he is good judge of cheese character. ($3.50)

20151011_160843My friends… she had the same wings ($3.50) and he had a half pound burger ($7). He said his burger was “good”. I didn’t have any, but it looked like your standard beef patty.. no frills. They did not ask how he would like it cooked. She also enjoyed her wings.

As a whole, the service was not very good. It took awhile for us to get our food and we all ran out of drinks. We were not in a hurry, but it does not take very long to prepare these items. I also do not recall many other people eating and the place was mostly empty.

There are some wonderful looking places to explore in downtown Frederick, I think you could probably find something better.

On a side note, check out Pasta Palette. It is a unique pasta place selling all different kinds of pasta from chocolate to lemon herb. We did a little sampling and were pleasantly surprised. It’s a unique spot that could change any ordinary pasta dish into something lavish.


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