Moby Dick: House of Kabob

It has been awhile since we gave you a fast casual option. Thanks to Columbus for taking land that wasn’t his, we both had off on Monday and could extend our great weekend. Which meant a day of relaxing and doing nothing.


Kabobs sounded like a wonderful meal after sleeping all morning. We hit up Moby Dick’s in Kentlands for a somewhat quick 20151012_155225meal so I could head back to my homeland of Bowie. This is a local chain little sprinkled around the DC/VA area. This location has a nice outdoor eating area and since it was such a gorgeous day we really wanted to eat outside. All meals come with pita bread and cucumber yogurt (or I think you can get veggies). The pita was made in house (we saw them rolling out the dough). It was served warm and crispier than others I have had. The yogurt sauce was delicious. It was thick and had strips of cucumber. We gobbled that up pretty quickly!

20151012_155758He went for the lamb kabobs (Kabob-E Barreh). All kabobs come with a choice of rice, salad or 1/2 and 1/2. He obviously went with the full on rice. Yes, that is a hunk of butter in the middle of his rice. I thought it was a little strange, but it eventually melted to add more fat to the meal. He thought the rice was good, but there was a lot.They could have used a bigger plate or a little less rice. It kept falling onto the table, but as you can see that led right to the ground where the birds were waiting. At least it wasn’t going to waste… The lamb was very tender and had wonderful flavor. It confirmed that the “lamb” at Mythos was not actually lamb as we figured. It was not overly seasoned in their house blend of seasons. (~$15)

I had one of the combos which combined their marinated tenderloin (Kabob-E Chenjeh) and ground beef (Kabob-E 20151012_155751Kubideh) kabobs. I decided on the 1/2 rice and 1/2 salad. Let me start with the salad. It was a poor salad, the vegetables were huge and they only use plastic utensils so cutting became a little tricky. The salad was comprised of mostly iceberg and onion… too much onion. The other half of the plate was rice. I did not have a large chunk of butter sitting and waiting. Again, the plate was entirely too small (#firstworldproblems). I lost most of my rice to the birds. But they need to eat too! The ground beef skewer was not dry at all and as described. The menu listed ground with onion and it sure was. Usually onion just sneaks in with the rest of the flavors, but not this time. It was prominently there and he knew it. The beef tenderloin was also marinated in the house seasonings and done well. It was moist and almost melted in your mouth. ($15)

They lacked in some areas, but it is fast casual and we were not expecting 5 star cuisine. For a place that took almost the same amount of time as Chipotle, this was a fine option. Kentlands has a lot to offer in the area of food and as he pointed out, we have only dabbled in a few restaurants.


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