Kielbasa Factory

Saturday we planned to go to Mt. Airy’s Beard, Brew and Brat festival. Looking at the prices and being that he had no interest in entering his red scarf, we decided not to go and to get our own “brats”. With a quick Yelp search around Rockville, I found the perfect place… best part… he didn’t even know about it!
The Kielbasa Factory on Rockville Pike doesn’t exactly serve German brats… but it’s close enough. Rounded meat in a casing on bread with kraut… they have to be cousins or something. The compact Polish market makes you feel at home… even if you are not Polish. The staff is very friendly and will assist you as best as they can. We must have stuck out as first timers because the girl behind the counter gave us a few samples of different kielbasas: a smoked, double smoked, heavy smoked and something that didn’t have as much smoke flavor (this was also the one put on our sandwiches).

20151017_123931 20151017_124753We both ordered kielbasa sandwiches. ($5.50)The standard sandwich was mustard, sauerkraut and kielbasa. I of course kept the sauerkraut, he had his without. We were both soaking in this mouth watering lunch in the front seat of the Marquis (as you can see). Since it is a market, they do not have tables.

The sandwich as a whole was amazing! It was awkward and messy to eat it between two slices of rye bread instead of a roll, but it probably tasted better with the bread. The bread was fresh. I don’t think it was made there, but someone else’s kitchen. Not production plant bread. The mustard was a spicy brown mustard to give it a little zing. The sauerkraut was very delicious and they were20151017_122129 not skimpy with it. It was finely shredded with a few accident bigger pieces. The kielbasa… the powerhouse of the sandwich. Absolutely some of the best kielbasa I have had (and I have polish “relatives” who know kielbasa). The casing was crisped because of it being put on a grill top to warm up. Traditional pork sausage is smoked cold for a day or two, so when I say warmed up, I don’t mean it to sound as if you are reheating leftovers (Polish Sausage Guidelines). It was easy to taste that the kielbasa was fresh and not over processed like most you find. The meat was almost flaky inside with a few basic spices. He got to taste more of the natural flavor since his was plain, while I enjoyed my sauerkraut, kielbasa flavor. 20151017_122320

I will be going back to buy pierogies at some point! Or he will be delivery me some during the week. If you are still thinking… “what do they know about polish food, how do they know the factory should be my go to for polish needs?” Well… his landlord is from Poland and that is where she does all of her shopping… a second source We were told they have the best cheese!

Maybe you are thinking… “well, they missed out on the brew part of the festival.” It is ok, we later went to a brewery in Mt. Airy, Milkhouse Brewery. We met up with my cousin and I enjoyed a few cold ones in the cold. We don’t really blog about alcohol producing places, but if you are looking for a local brew, this place is worth it to check out. I also believe you can find them in some retail stores.


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