Grilled Cheese Company

A day in the windy cold at Milkhouse called for something warm. Hello comfort food! We were heading back to Rockville, but thought we should eat somewhere on the way back since it is not every weekend that we are in the Mt. Airy area. Grilled cheese sounded like a wonderful idea so with a destination in mind, we got on the road. We passed some interesting looking places that we would like to remember for the future like the place that was a gas station, but now is a restaurant.

Grilled Cheese Company SEEMED like a great choice and in theory it should have been. Yes, it is a place dedicated to serving up grilled cheese, sounds like heaven… They have a multitude of different types of melted cheese sandwiches.

20151017_190409 He ordered the BCT (bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato), holding the tomato. ($7) It was interesting that several young people walked in after us all ordering the same exact thing, the same exact way. He enjoyed his grilled cheese and bacon to which they were not skimpy on either. The 20151017_185708bacon was real and not the precooked kind. The bread was toasted to a nice golden brown and super crispy. I didn’t think his sandwich was terrible, but nothing spectacular. I don’t claim to be a grilled cheese expert, but I could achieve that quality at home, if not better. He also ordered a side of shoe string fries. ($3) These were your basic out of the freezer into the fryer, fries. In fact, I saw them dumping the frozen fries into the hot oil. They were lightly salted. But no one is going there for the fries, so it makes sense to stay economical.

20151017_185422I started with a cup of their Chesapeake Crab soup (I don’t know what I was thinking… well maybe that I was cold). It was certainly not your average cream of crab or Maryland Crab soup. It was a mix of the two. It was sort of creamy, but not thick like cream of crab, but red like MD crab. There were actually some pieces of crab which one would expect. It was kind of like a sweet tomato flavor, but an odd flavor that I can not really explain. But the worst part is that the soup came out room temperature… not even steaming. All I wanted was a cup of HOT soup. I am sure they would have heated it for me if I would have asked, but that is not the principle. I was very disappointed. ($4)

As far as sandwiches go, I stepped away from the all American grilled cheese and went for20151017_190335 the fresco. The fresco is mozzarella, provolone, roasted red peppers, basil pesto and a balsamic glaze. While it was certainly oozing cheese, that was all you could taste and I was only picking up the mozzarella. I was expecting more balsamic and pesto flavor to come through in the background, but I couldn’t taste it at all. I was extremely disappointed in this sandwich and actually hated it. When I ordered, the young girl who took our order said it was her favorite sandwich. I made a similar version to this over the summer for myself and while my cheese never melted that well, it was way better. This was boring and bland on a sandwich that seemed like it should have pizzazz. ($8)

It is a very basic business that could really flourish in its’ special niche. There are 4 franchises that popped up around MD/DC, including one near my house that I will be staying away from. Making grilled cheese sandwiches does not require a renowned chef or experience, just people that care to do their job well. Employers could be young people looking for experience, which is what our experience was. In general, I am sorry that my experience was terrible and maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.


3 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese Company

  1. Sandwich was OK . I’m glad I tried it because I liked the Idea of the place, but I ended up hoping for more. It was sort of the McDonald’s of grilled cheeses. I have had many great grilled cheese sandwiches and know places that make great ones; this was not one of them .

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