Fogo de Chão

Thursday was his birthday, so naturally I gave him what any man would want for his birthday… beef, pork, chicken and lamb! Yes, he had all of those.

With excited faces, droul and hungry bellies we entered Fogo de Chão

The place is huge and filled with tables on two floors. Ambiance is not romantic or quiet, but it is a nice setting and there is room to get around. Near us, were several groups celebrating and other couples. It is high end dining for those special occasions or the rich folk of DC. You can expect to pay roughly $55 per person for the full experience. That does not include the typical over priced glass of wine. The service was top notch. My water never made it to being half empty. When the card was flipped to green, you did not have to wait long for meat to arrive. A manager came by a few times making sure we were ok and seeing if there was a specific meat we wanted next. For all the tables being full and some larger groups, they really do work as a team and do it well!

The whole experience was super overwhelming for both the blogger and the blogger’s stomach. I will try my best to give you the 4-1-1, but sorry, we did not get any good photos. It was soft lighting aka poor photo lighting. Photo credit does not belong to me unless specified.

We started at the market table which was beautiful. Basically, a super classy salad bar. The colors were incredible. I could have parked at this and made my mouth happy, but I was paying for the meat parade. You could assemble a salad with all sorts of vegetables. There were all different sorts of sauces and dips, from pesto to salsa. A few types of cheeses and cured meats, plus rolled smoked salmon. A couple pasta salads. I had a simple farfalle tossed in a seasoned oil with green peppers and kalamata olives. It was delicious. They also had a few fruits, oranges and grapefruits. He went the other route and loaded his plate with French baguette and cheeses. He dipped into a few sauces too.

The meats… there were so many. We flipped our green go cards and were attacked by at least five men, with long skewers and knives, all slicing different meats. Lamb, pork, chicken and beef, they do it all. We had to flip back over to red to clean our plates off. The meat is better warm and we struggled to keep up. After the initial wave of meat, we slowed it down to 20151023_185758one or two meats at a time.

We agreed that the beef products were the best. Our least favorite and what we both actually hated was the sausage. It was peppery and lacking in flavor. I was not a big fan of the pork filet. It was very dry. I think he liked it more than me. The chicken was a boneless breast wrapped in bacon. It was good just something I didn’t want to waste space with. The lamb was amazing. We enjoyed the chop more than the leg. The beef, there were so many different kinds probably at least eight. I am not sure which was our favorite. We both liked the house cut because it was a thin slice and manageable. All of the beef had a simple seasoning containing salt. The charred, crispy outsides all had a salted flavor tasting like bacon and frankly was the best part of the meat. I also enjoyed the cut done in garlic. The filet was good, the strip was good, different cuts of sirloin… they were all very tender and just melted away. For being all you can eat, they were not skimpy on the size of cut they gave you. Sometimes it was a big chunk and others a smaller slice.

20151023_190031With your meal also came sides: garlic mashed potatoes, fried yucca, sweet plantains and butter rolls. The staff never let a dish go empty. They would refill as soon as there was only a tiny portion left. It was kind of sad to think of the waste. We did not eat very much of these as again we were saving ourselves. The yucca was to die for. It was lightly fried and super fluffy in the middle. The potatoes were very tasty and the plantain was not sweetened, but the natural sweetness came through.

– Go hungry
– Don’t take a vegetarian
– Pace yourself
– Flip wisely
– Just say no
– Be prepared to spend a few hours there
– Wear your fat pants
– Lunch costs about 1/4 of the dinner price for the exact same menu.
– Don’t make lots of plans for after eating unless they include lying down
– Don’t plan to have any meat well done, your options are rare or medium rare (as it should be)
– Skip sausage and pork

With tired warm faces and overstuffed guts… well words can’t describe, but it was kinda like this…


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