The Blind Dog

A late brunch on Saturday took us back into the city to a hole in the wall joint named Blind Dog Cafe on Florida Ave NW. It seemed only appropriate as I was dog sitting, though he is not blind.

Looking for some more info, he learned that the journalists for Thrillist had visited and had many good things to say. We squeaked in with just enough time to still order breakfast (before 3pm).

20151024_144831He ordered the infamous bacon and goat cheese breakfast sandwich on a croissant. This was reviewed by the thrillist people. The croissant was super flakey and and slightly toasted. Instead of just a fried egg, they had made a frittata instead. The goast cheese was melted and not over powering to the bacon and egg ratio. The bacon was cooked to a perfect amount of crispiness. I liked his sandwich better than mine, but felt I couldn’t get the same thing. ($4)

That being said, I went with the lunch, more heartier option. I wanted the chicken salad, but 20151024_144842they were out. So I went with the roasted turkey. It was not just over processed turkey lunch meat, it was real turkey. Turkey is not my favorite, but the sandwich sounded good. It had avocado, sriracha mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato. The sriracha was a little over powering and took away from the good turkey flavor which was unfortunate for me. But, the turkey was very moist and not dry like it can be. Overall, it was a decent sandwich, but nothing spectacular for me. ($6)

It is a pretty hip spot. There are benches, couches and chairs to sit, plus an outdoor patio. There were people reading, 20151024_144617hanging out, playing guitar, and working on laptops. It had a rustic DC vibe and played hip-hop in the background. They support DC small business. Everything they offered for sale was made in DC from drinks to popcorn to lollipops. It was a cool spot.


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